tayler and John A. McDonald travel the West coast

John A. Travels to California

California Trip: Sept. 8 to Oct. 8, 2007

Day 01- Leave Ontario
Day 02 - Chicago
Day 03 - Mt. Rushmore
Day 04 - Yellowstone
Day 05 - Yellowstone
Day 06 - Up to Alberta
Day 07 - Banff & Lake Louise
Day 08 - Whistler, BC
Day 09 - Vancouver & Seattle
Day 10 - Mt. St. Helens
Day 11 - Coastal Hwy 1
Day 12 - San Fransico
Day 13 - Yosemite Park
Day 14 - Giant Redwoods
Day 15 - Hearst Castle
Day 16 - Los Angelos & COD
Day 17 - Hollywood
Day 18 - Thru the Bible & Vegas
Day 19 - Death Valley
Day 20 - Hoover Dam & Skywalk
Day 21 - Caverns & Grand Canyon
Day 22 - Grand Canyon - Hike
Day 23 - Grand C. - Hermit's Rest
Day 24 - Petrified Forest
Day 25 - Meteor Crater
Day 26 - Carlsbad Caverns
Day 27 - Dallas, Texas
Day 28 - Mississippi River
Day 29 - St. Loius
Day 30 - Detroit
Day 31 - Home to Woodstock

All images can be enlarged NOTE:
All images can be enlarged

Allow me to share my 31 day tour of the US west coast and beyond. My friend Ronald Tayler and myself, John A. McDonald, travelled a total of 15191 km and together took over 4000 pictures. The entire trip went without any major problems and we returned still good friends. We were away from September 8 to October 8. 

Our first stop was Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.  I’ve seen so many pictures of this monument, and have now finally be able to get up close. The second stop was Yellowstone National Park where Ronald was prevented from traveling last year due to snow.  We found out that Old Faithful really wasn't.

Next we headed north into Canada and visited Banff National Park and Lake Louise. Then we headed back south through Vancouver and over the border into Seattle, where we visited the space needle.  Next we went to Mount Saint Helens.  Then we followed the coastline down to San Francisco and visited the Golden Gate Bridge and rode the trams up and down the hills. Then we headed back up to Yosemite Park to view the great redwood trees. Then back to the coast to visit Hearst Castle.

Next up was Los Angeles, where we visited the head offices of Thru the Bible Radio Network in the Pasadena area (thruthebible.ca). This visit is one of the main reasons for my trip, as I’ve been a volunteer for Thru the Bible for the past three years. 

Next we travelled to Los Vegas and Death Valley. Then south to the Hoover Dam, and the Grand Canyon.  The Grand Canyon was even more impressive than one can imagine.  After looking at many beautiful photos all these years, I was finally able to explore it up close.

Finally we will headed over to see the Petrified Forest, on old Route 66, which is now Route 40. Then on to the Meteor Crater, Carlsbad Caverns, Dallas, the Mississippi River, St. Louise and Indianapolis. Finally it was time to head home to Ontario. 


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